My Lazy Eye

The Photographs of Jack Alterman

Jack Alterman

Clothbound with French fold dust jacket
12.5 by 10 in.
204 pages

Designed and produced for Jack Alterman
by Nathan W. Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

Jack Alterman is one of Charleston’s most respected visual artists. He has dedicated much of his forty-year career to capturing images of his hometown and its surrounding Lowcountry. His restless energy and artistic perspective have taken him around the world from Charleston to Kathmandu. Born with a vision impairment call amblyopia or “lazy eye,” he joined the Marine Corps as a young man where they taught him how to use his good eye to shoot a rifle. He soon shifted his aim to photographing USO shows for Stars and Stripes and became infatuated with photography.

My Lazy Eye is a memoir of his life’s pursuits. With over two hundred photographs selected from his extensive portfolio of architecture, portraiture, and travel photography, Alterman shows us timeless perspectives that blend the old with the new, making the familiar unique and the unique familiar.

Throughout the book, he juxta-poses portraits with locations in a way only his eye can. His essays and photographs will surprise and delight you as he takes you on this personal journey.